High Power Air Rifle Shooting

Rifle Shooting Range and Sharp Shooter

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Shooting Comfortably

Exercising enough skill to hit a target precisely can be a powerful and rewarding experience. Increase your focus and enjoy the rush of adrenaline at our Rifle Shooting range in Worcestershire.

We have plenty of ways to suss out your marksmanship skills.

If you’re new to rifle shooting, we’ll coach you on how to shoot accurately. All you must do is get your target in the crosshairs!

Paper targets or spinners and NEW for 2023 Sharpshooter…

We offer one to one coaching for small groups as well as including rifle shooting as part of a multi activity event. Compete against your friends or work colleagues.

When you’re waiting your turn, we provide you with a scope too, so you can see how the other shooters are doing.

PCP Phox 25 metre
PCP Phox 25 metre

Undercover shooting at a 30 metre Target

Most Gallery Rifle events are shot at distances between 10 meters and 50 meters. There is a large selection of Gallery Rifle events which only require range space out to 25 meters so the discipline is easily accessible and can be shot on indoor ranges. We use a covered shooting area up to 30 meters for most types of Rifles, Spring Action Air, Gas Ram, PCP Magazine fed and Rim Fire

Our rifles are fitted with either iron sights, scopes or red dot sights. Targets vary according to the event being shot. Targets range from traditional concentric circle 'bullseye' targets to various styles of disruptive pattern designs.

You come to us or we come to you

Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter a test of accuracy over short and longer distances single shooting or squad shooting and even against the clock