Clay Pigeon Shooting Days

Corporate Clay Pigeon Days
Corporate Clay Pigeon Days

One to One coaching

For corporate days of 50+ players we have licenses set up at three local Worcestershire hotels - so if it’s a conference and overnight stay then we are ready to go.

We also specialise in private coaching on a 1 to 1 basis for novices or the experienced shot. We are also totally mobile so we can bring the shoot to your chosen location (subject to licensing).

It won’t be long before you’re squeezing the trigger and seeing that satisfying dusting of the target. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Corporate Clay Shooting is a fantastic way to build relationships with clients or reward staff. Just the right mix of fun and competition, and accessible to all, regardless of whether they have shot before or not.

We’re on hand to ensure your event runs smoothly with professional tuition from our fully qualified, friendly mature instructors, gun hire, clays and cartridges and all safety equipment and public liability insurance.

Corporate Clay Pigeon Shoot
Corporate Clay Pigeon Shoot

You come to us or we come to you

The English Sporting discipline has the sport's biggest following, in Sporting almost anything goes. Targets are thrown in a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and distances and the discipline was originally devised to simulate live shooting, hence some of the names commonly used on sporting stands: springing teal, driven pheasant, bolting rabbit, crossing pigeon, dropping duck, etc. Disciplines in this group include English sporting, international (FITASC) sporting, super sporting sport trap, and Compak sporting.

This discipline can have an infinite variety of "stands". English sporting is the most popular form of clay shooting in the UK, and a course or competition will feature a given number of stands each of which has a predetermined number of targets, all traveling along the same path and speed, either as singles or doubles.

Oaklands our Shooting Venue in Worcestershire